MAZURI Nestling Hand Feeding Formula (5S90 / 1Kg)


MAZURI Nestling Hand Feeding Formula (5S90 / 1Kg) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

Mazuri® Nestling Handfeeding Formula is a complete diet designed to promote optimal growth and development for nestling songbirds. This easy-to-mix hand feeding formula for birds contains natural pigments to encourage feather coloration as seen in the wild. Formula is shipped as a powder that’s designed to be mixed with water.

  • Designed to promote hydration in young birds - No gums that may dehydrate chicks.
  • Natural pigments - Promotes coloration as seen in the wild.
  • Natural preservatives, and no artificial flavors or colors.
  • Contains probiotic organisms - Supports gastrointestinal microflora development.
  • Tested in rehabilitation setting.
  • Complete and easy to use - Just add water, mix and feed!

Product Form: Meal

Product Size: Available by the kg.

  • Prepare Mazuri® Hand Feeding Formula is designed for feeding chicks.
  • Never feed dry powder without first combining with water.  Use good sanitation practices and good quality water.
    1. To ensure complete hydration of the product, mix with cold water then add hot water to reach feeding temperatures: 100º to 106º F.
      • Under- and over-heating can cause impaired gastric motility and crop burns, respectively.
    2. Water:formula ratio may vary due to species. Measuring of powder by weight is recommended; see below for average weight. Suggested mixing ratios should be modified to fit the nutritional and hydration needs of the birds you are feeding, and to ensure that the product will flow through the syringe you are using.
      • 80% water:20% formula (by weight) to 60% water:40% formula (by weight).
      • Do not dilute the formula excessively as this will reduce calories fed to the chick and will impair growth and development.
    3. Mix thoroughly with a fork or whisk until fully mixed.
    4. Store refrigerated until feeding time. Allow portion to be fed to reach room temperature prior to feeding; reheating is not advised. Use within 6 hours of mixing.
    5. Do not overfeed.  Feed until crop is full (not overdistended) using the appropriate hand-feeding syringe.
      • Most chicks will consume 10% or more of their body weight per feeding, but daily monitoring of weights is the most accurate way to ensure proper growth and feeding rates.
      • Some species (house finches, sparrows, grackles) will continue to gape and bed when crops are full.  For more information see Hand-Rearing Birds by Gage and Duerr, 2007 - John Wiley & Sons.
    6. As soon as chicks are able, begin introducing species-appropriate whole food items (e.g. insects, seeds) to bird intended for release. Provide chicks with any other food items to be consumed, such as high quality extruded diet (e.g., Mazuri® Small Bird Breeder or Mazuri® Insectivore Diet) plus 10-20% (by weight) species-appropriate whole food items.

Storage Conditions
For best results, after removal of required amount store in original container with lid. Store in a cool 75°F or colder), dry (approximately 50% RH) location. Use within 1 year of manufacturing date.