KIRA PiPi Baby is a safe powder food that accumulates the achievements of various birds by feeding 100% of this product at Kamihata dealing with small birds. World brand "Hikari". KYORIN is a pioneer company for Food for aquarium fish. "Hikari" products are deployed in 40 countries from Japan. Hikari brand has gained high evaluation and solid achievement not only from Japan but also from enthusiasts of the world.

KYORIN aims to become the world's leading ornamental fish feed maker. KYORIN wants to make not only foods that are convenient for people but also foods that fish is pleased with. KAMIHATA Fish Industry Group, Japan's largest aquarium fish wholesaler, KYORIN Food Industry, a factory specializing in making ornamental fish feeds. Knowledge acquired daily from fish experts at KAMIHATA which imports more than 6000 kinds of fish per year.

Knowledge of the ecology and eating habits of tropical fishes of various countries in the world obtained by investigating the local fish as KAMIHATA expedition team. Based on these knowledge, the Yamazaki Laboratory has designed and tested recipes many times, and has completed a number of recipes. Based on those completed recipes, the manufacturing company

KYORIN food industry manufactures foods with commitment. KYORIN wants to continue making foods that will serve fish with new functions. In order to provide the most suitable food for various fish around the world, KYORIN manufactures foods in various shapes such as grain, granules and flakes with high technology. In order to deliver a more reliable "Hikari" brand, quality control is carried out from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing process in a perfect system.