U clip and P clip prevent clogging of air hose and co2 hose, so that oxygen and co2 are supplied smoothly and add naturalness to the tank.

Simple line arrangement, strong durability

U clip and P clip are made of PC (polycarbonate) material and have elasticity unlike existing glass or stainless products, so they can be used in close contact with the tank.

Product size & components

M size glass can be used up to 8mm thick
L size glass can be used up to 12mm thick

U Clip Components: 2 U Clips
P Clip Components: 2 P Clips, 1 rubber band for pipe molding

How to bend

1. Insert rubber cord into the pipe
2. Heat by turning the pipe to the width of 1 ~ 2cm of the bending point
3. Bend the pipe as you like against the top of tank
4. Remove the rubber after 20 seconds setting


How to Cutting 



※ Be careful of fire or burns during bending
※ Heating the fire to only one point can cause incomplete results
※ Once bended or heated, there is no return or compensation.
※ If the pipe is deformed once, it may be damaged by applying force or reheating.