DENNERLE KH+ Powder (250g)

  • Kh+ - 50g
  • Quickly and safely raises the carbonate hardness to species-appropriate levels
  • Increases and stabilises the ph value
  • Water hardener
  • For all freshwater aquariums, ideal for hardening osmosis water


DENNERLE KH+ enables the carbonate hardness to be increased according to individual needs. The high-quality mineral salt dissolves quickly, leaving no residues. The pH value is increased according to the applied quantity of KH+ and stabilised. In this way, DENNERLE KH+ serves to produce a quality of water tailored precisely to the needs of the fish and plant in your aquarium. For healthy growth, vitality and well-being. Ideal for all fresh water aquaria and for increasing the hardness of osmosis water. - Swift and safe means of increasing carbonate hardness in accordance with your fishes’ needs - Raises and stabilises the pH value - Readily dissolvable, simple to use