PSITTACUS Lory Nectar (1Kg)

Psittacus Lory Nectar Maintenance Formula can be offered dry or with added water to adult parrots of the Loriinae sub-family.  If prepared with water, we recommend using only a small amount to ensure the food is not diluted excessively. 
We recommend offering both Lory Gel and Lory Nectar together at the same time in separate feeders.  Birds will consume the required amount of each product according to their nutritional needs.  Whenever chicks are present in the nest, it is advisable that the birds have Frugivorous Neonatal Hand-feeding or Lory Special Hand-feeding (depending on the chicks’ age) also available.  All products are available from our EBay shop.
As a guideline, these birds ingest from 8g – 16g of dry Gel + Nectar per 100g of body weight.  Environmental ambient temperature greatly influences daily consumption.
Analytical Constituents of Psittacus Lory Nectar Maintenance Formula:
crude protein 7.0%, crude fat 3.0%
Maintenance Formulas
Maintenance Formulas are ideal for pet birds and breeding birds outside of the breeding season.
They are a complete diet formula with each pellet containing a full complement of nutrients.  This negates the common problem of picky feeding as the pellet and its nutrients are consumed as a complete package.  Maintenance formulas can constitute 100% of the bird’s diet, although other foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables can be used to enhance dietary variety, enrichment, training and natural behaviour.