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VIN STORM Nitrifying Bacteria (250ml)


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Bacteria: OYK Bacteria and vitamins formula

Function:Effectively enhance the nitrogen cycle, balance aqua ecosystem and suppress algae growth.

Usage: New tank setup: Daily add in the first three weeks(may double the dose). 

Usual maintenance: Please add once a week (with Storm Activator together for better effects). 10 CC of Nitrifying Bacteria for 100L of tank water. It is normal to have deposition because of living bacteria. Please shake well before use.

特色 : OYK菌(100%純天然活菌),添加多種維生素配方。


用法: 初次設缸請連續添加三星期或加倍用量;平日保養時請每星期添加一次(搭配暴風活化水可發揮最佳效果);每100公升水量添加10 CC,本劑為活菌如有沉澱物屬正常現象,使用前請均勻搖晃,避免陽光直射。