The high-powered biological sludge remover

The high-powered biological sludge remover

February 18, 2017

Controlling the Organics

It doesn't take long for the aquarist to understand the value of keeping as little organics as possible in the aquarium. There are various ways of controlling organics, but often times only nature provides the most efficient methods, with billions of years of research and development on its side! By controlling organics, you control the ecological and aesthetic qualities of your tank. Because Outberak!'s bacteria can function in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, organics can run but they can't hide. The result is a dramatic reduction of NO3 and PO4 release into the water column through the most important practice in aquatics: prevention.

ATM’s Outbreak! Freshwater is a high-powered biological sludge remover that consumes decomposing organics, leaving aquariums clean and free of waste that can cause problems for biofiltration. Regular use of Outbreak! improves water quality and leaves aquariums looking their best. Specific marine formulation. 

  • Biological Bacteria Blend Keeps Tanks Clean And Odor Free
  • Removes Sludge And All Organic Buildup
  • Ensures A Clean And Healthy Biofilter
  • Safe For All Fish And Wildlife
  • Used By ATM!


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