Feeding fishes with Style

Feeding fishes with Style

February 26, 2017


Are you planning to keep some nice and exotic fishes that requires frequent shares of live food, but is reluctant to have one of those ugly colored feed cups in your nicely decorated tank?

We have a solution for you - An Elegant One!

The BorneoWild Glass Feeders comes in three different modes as follows:

BorneoWild Feed Pod

Small feeder cup installed to the side of the tank wall with a suction cup. Use it in tank for up to 90cm tanks with small fishes. The small slits allows slow release of tubifex worms.



BorneoWild Feed Pitch

Slightly large pitch-shaped glass pod that gives you more space for tubibex worms. Use it for tank larger than 90cm with more and bigger fishes such as congo tetras, altum angels.

BorneoWild Feed Glass

Now that top feeders are taken care off, let's provide a good place for fishes that would prefer feeding near the ground such as Betta, dwarf cichlids, shrimps, loaches etc. A short stud allows you to secure the Feed Glass into the substrate without damaging any plants.



GUSH Feed Dishes come in 4 sizes of 55, 65, 80 and 90mm in diameter with depth of 5-10mm. For fish and shrimp keeping with not much of a carpeting plant bottom, this is the best option you have for keeping the substrate clean with minimum food crumbs or tubifex worms getting between the gravel.

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