Skimmers for clearing water surface

Skimmers for clearing water surface

February 15, 2017

BORNEOWILD Skimz is available in several parts, easily assembled.

Fit the Socket to the J-Pipe. Screw on the Adjustment rod and the slot it firmly to the J-Pipe via the Socket.

Install Skimz on the aquarium and place the Plastic Skim Cup on the Skimmer Body. You are ready to go!

Skimz can be angled freely to your desire and needs of space.

Dimensions of Parts:



EHEIM skim350: the micro- surface skimmer for smaller aquariums up to 350 l. Simple, quick and flexible to use.

Ready to use immediately.

In almost any aquarium a film of including microorganisms, dust, oils and food fats forms over time, the mould film.

With the EHEIM skim350 surface skimmer, you can efficiently eliminate this mould film and have a glass clear water surface and high oxygenation. 

The EHEIM skim350, although designed for constant use is also suitable for short term use. If using alternately in several aquariums, please make sure that algae spores or diseases are not transmitted from one to the other. 

The bacteria and dirt particles which are sucked in are collected in the filter sponge. This should be simply taken out and thoroughly cleaned after each use.

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