CHIHIROS LED Lighting System - Economical & Good!

CHIHIROS LED Lighting System - Economical & Good!

February 26, 2017

About CHIHIROS Light System

The CHIHIROS LED Panel Lights are available in 5 models (namely A Series / E Series / E High Series / E Steel Stand Series / Wabi Kusa Lamp) with bulbs specially designed for growing plants well!

Apart from practical yet elegantly designed light holders made in both acrylic and stainless steel, the CHIHIROS LED offers unparallelled low-energy high-luminance color rendering light bulbs that help plants develop healthily.



Specifications for A-SERIES:




The E-Series lights uses 0.5W/bulb LED for a high intensity setting. Its available in Single or Twin Panel, with standard height and douvble height Acrylic Mounting that rest on both sides of the tank edge. The light is also available in Stainless Steel tank mount version.

Specifications for E-SERIES:



Specifications for WABI-KUSA:

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